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Down the Snaker Trail
Last Dog Chronicles: Book 2

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Bo Donks died, or didn’t. Maybe twice. From there, cascading events draw the thirteen-year-old Hound and Lady Hadfash, a more-than-you-asked-for Cougar, into the middle of an epic battle between a gangster and his one-time underling.

Grease McQuirl is Over-Rider of the Ocean of Dreams and Bell Swagger in the glitzy and dangerous city of Goldswill. A giant Woodchuck with a ferocious Ranteroo Ridger hunting lizard always at his side, rumors abound that he eats live crocodiles for breakfast. Grease relishes the easy comfort of undisputed power. But, then, Bull Rapp double-crosses him.

A tall, strongly-made Otter with a crooked nose from his street-fighting days, Bull is a money-hungry con artist. Double-crossing McQuirl begins a struggle for survival and power that will destroy all their plans and spiral into a disaster for Goldswill itself. As the catastrophe unfolds, with the help of some off-beat friends, Bo and Lady triumph by showing that with a startling act of freedom, big things really are possible.


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