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Hammers of Time
Wood Cow Chronicles: Backlands

Hammers options -square.png

What if something you had been awaiting for more than five hundred years happened—and you completely missed it?

When a ragtag band of servants decides “enough is enough” and rises up to overthrow the oppressive Hammers of Time, things don’t go exactly as planned. Defeating deadly Murdertooths and passing out of a realm where time runs backward are only the beginning of the struggle. Bringing to justice the most powerful Time-Hammer of all will require a journey into the forbidden underground realm of the Night Tollers. 

Is it necessary to destroy what the Tollers hold most dear in order for hate to be defeated, and to bring the Time-Hammers to a final end? The battle must be joined and all must stand and face the enemy they fear most, even if it is within. The stakes are truly high, and this collection of lunatics, rebels, and power-players, makes the battle hard fought and the outcome unpredictable. 


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