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8 Mind-Engaging, Heart-Provoking Short Films About Transformation

These impactful short films explore widely-varied stories of transformation--personal, social, spiritual, global.

The Great Wolf and Little Mouse Sister - This beautifully-illustrated 6-minute video is Part One of an Indigenous story of transformation in the setting of a grandfather sharing stories with children. Watch both parts for the entire story. Part Two (8-minute video).
One Minute of Inspiration - Get a 60-second dose of transformative vision from this street artist! The wall he mentions in his comments is a reference to a giant mural he created as part of a worldwide street art project. See a 3-minute video showcasing many of the murals here. It's beyond today's short films focus, but you can learn more about the murals project and its social action purpose in this 52-minute documentary: Changing the World, One Wall at a Time.
Mama Agatha - This award-winning 16-minute film tells the story of how, once a week, migrant women in Amsterdam learn how to ride a bicycle. Inspiring them to let go of the fear and get behind the handlebars is a Ghanaian community mother named Mama Agatha.
The Global Brain - This 35-minute award-winning video about the need for a transformation in human consciousness was recorded in 1983, but is, if anything, even more relevant to humanity's current predicament than it was when originally made.
The Persian - This award-winning 6-minute film looks at U.S. Islamophobia through a different lens. As the creator says, "As I was writing it and sharing it with people, I realized that...hate and ignorance is mostly self-inflicted. We're influenced to hate people we don't even know, and in the film it was important to reveal that the biggest difference the two white guys had was actually with each other."
Walk Run Cha-Cha: How a Couple Found Love on the Dance Floor - This Oscar-nominated film profiles Paul and Millie Cao, who reunited in California after being separated by the Vietnam War. Their story is of love lost and love found, immigration, family and work, and reinventing and rediscovering themselves on the dance floor.
Momentum - With exuberant dancing and enthusiasm, in this 6-minute film, an amazing dancer shares a moment of mind-altering inspiration -- ignited by a tortilla chip -- that even inspired his mother.
Sound Language - I really wish they had chosen someone other than a white guy to be the focal center of the transformation in this 10-minute film, but the unusual story and visually compelling message of peace overcoming war, love winning over hate, and hope finding its answer in unity, makes the film worth a look.
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