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A Break From The Rat Race: These Super-Slow Motion Films Are Unexpected Fun

When filmed at mega-fast frame speeds, the incredibly complex activity behind common motion is revealed in all its stunning and oddly satisfying beauty. Sometimes gorgeous and ethereal, sometimes superstar cathletes or a slow day at a dog park.

Cymbal - At 1,000 frames per second you can see what's actually occurring when a drummer slams a drumstick against a cymbal.
Corn Popping - The corn has a really interesting day at 100,000 frames per second!
MOcean - Love the ocean? This one's for you!
YoYo World Champion vs. Water Balloons - Seeing the amazing yoyo skills at 3,200 frames per second is a show in itself!
The Blue Man Group Paint Drumming - One of the group's famous routines at 1,000 frames per second.
Goalkeeper Cat! - There's no human goalie in history that can compete with this cat.
Dogs Licking Their Human Friends' Faces - Dogs and their human friends loving each other at 4,000 frames per second. Slobber alert!
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