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A Musical Tour Of The Globe. What Do You Want To Hear? Go There.

When it comes to crossing cultural divides and creating connections across the globe, nothing is more unifying than music. Explore some of the world's musical gifts.

Take a Musical Tour of the Globe - Click on countries and drill down to browse country profiles and explore the music scene in different countries: top artists, genres, and related features. Also, check out the annual Songlines Music Awards winners.
Check out the World Music Network stream for a wide variety of sounds to enjoy from around the world.
Afropop Worldwide - A Peabody award-winning radio program and online magazine dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora.
A to Z of World Music - From Africa Express to Zimbabwe, from Balkan brass to qawwali, and from cumbia to WOMAD.
Most Popular Music Across the Globe, By Country - Whether you're from Siberia or Senegal, India or Romania, the UK or the Ukraine, a passion for rhythm, melody and dance is as intrinsic to us as the air we breathe.
World Music: Best Traditional and Modern Songs of Each Country - Even if one doesn't agree with the choices for "best," this is a nice tour of the world's varied sounds.
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