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A World Of Movies: Free Global Film Archives

A wealth of freely available film archives awaits your exploration across the globe. So many countries! So many languages! So many stories to tell!

Internet Archive: Feature Films - Feature films, shorts, silent films and trailers are available for viewing and downloading. To get you started, here's ten suggestions to consider.
National Film Archive of Japan - Preserves and presents Japanese motion picture heritage to a worldwide audience. Searchable in Japanese and English. Also has themed collections to view on animation and the Meiji Period.
Indigenous Cinema - Explore the National Film Board of Canada's rich online collection of Indigenous-made films.
UCLA Film & Television Archive - Watch and listen to a selection of films, television and radio programs preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive.
European Film Gateway - Thousands of rare feature and documentary films, as well as historical newsreels from across Europe.
International Federation of Film Archives - This site showcases free online streaming services provided by IFFA members worldwide for viewing their online collections.
National Film and Sound Archive of Australia - Searchable collection of Australian films across genres, decades, and themes.
British Pathé - Before television, people watched the news in movie theatres. This archive offers 85,000 historical and cultural films as well as the Reuters historical collection.
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