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Amazing Ways To View Stars & Space: Public Observatories And Telescope Viewing Around The World

There's never been a better time to look up into the night sky with awe! Public observatories offer tours and viewing opportunities and there's local astronomy clubs all over the world. Here's some tips on where to use a telescope.

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2021 Global Observatory Directory - Directory of over 1,000 professional astronomical observatories and telescopes worldwide.
Publicly Accessible Telescope Viewing - An interactive US map showing locations where the public can stargaze using telescopes at public observatories.
Astronomy Clubs & Organizations Near Me - This international directory allows you to search by Country or US State for local astronomy interest groups.
Night Sky Network Astronomy Event Calendar - An up-to-date, real-time calendar of astronomy events in the USA. Put in your Zip Code on the right side of the page to find events in your area.
Best Public Observatories in the World - Wonderful observatories with public programs can be found around the world.
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