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American Indians in Children's Literature: Best Books of 2020 (& More!)

Are you looking for best books by or about American Indians? First Nations? Want to choose books with respectful and accurate portrayals of Native Americans? Here you go!

Since 2010, American Indians In Children's Literature, created by Dr. Debbie Reese--tribally enrolled at Nambé Owingeh, and children's literature scholar--has been publishing annual lists of books that accurately portray American Indian and First Nations people.
Thinking Critically about Native American Themes in Children and Young Adult Books -- This article by American Indian author, Cynthia Leitich Smith, offers suggestions on becoming a more informed, critically-aware reader.
Tips for Choosing Culturally Appropriate Books & Resources About Native Americans.
Pictorial analysis of stereotypical depictions of American Indians in children's books.
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