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Art For The People: The Powerful Work Of Black-American-Mexican Artist, Elizabeth Catlett.

Elizabeth Catlett, the celebrated U.S-born Black artist, sculptor, and activist, lived for 60 years in Mexico, her beloved adopted country.

Why We’re Honoring Black Mexican Artist and Activist Elizabeth Catlett This Hispanic Heritage Month - Elizabeth Catlett is probably the most celebrated Black-American-Mexican sculptor, printmaker, activist, and professor you probably never learned about in school.
The Art of Elizabeth Catlett - It's hard to find good collections of Elizabeth Catlett's art on the internet that give a good sense of her vast range of work. This 7-minute video attempts to present a range of examples in one place.
Happy 95th Birthday, Elizabeth Catlett! - A profile of Elizabeth Catlett from the Black news site,
Elizabeth Catlett - Profile of Elizabeth Catlett. You can see examples of her amazing sculpture here.
Elizabeth Catlett Prints - Examples of Elizabeth Catlett's vast body of work in block prints from a private collection that was put to auction.
Elizabeth Catlett Prints: Serving Notice to the People - A discussion of Elizabeth Catlett's work in prints in the context of her social justice vision.
Elizabeth Catlett Oral History videos - In these ten short videos, Elizabeth Catlett discusses her life, the purpose of her art, and her vision for the liberation of African American and other everyday, working-class people.

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