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Astonishing Things You May Not Know About Birds

Just because your day will be better for it, here's a day-brightener for you!

Striking Portraits of Birds With Unique Personalities - Captivating photographs that showcase the unique character of each bird.
These Amazing Birds Sleep While Flying - Frigatebirds stay in flight for months at a time, sleeping in 10-second bursts. And, the Common Swift can stay in flight, without landing, for a whopping ten months!
Nature Is Not A Place To Visit. It Is Home. - This page has two short lovely "bird art" videos by Leila Jeffreys. Also check out her portfolio of still photographs of birds - click on any of the birds to open up more photos of that bird type.
Vultures Have an Undeserved Bad Reputation - Scroll down this page to see photos of an incredible diversity of unique, and yes, beautiful birds.
Birds Around the World in 31 Incredible Photos - From stretched wings to hidden beaks, see striking photographs of birds in their global habitats.
Ornitographies - Photographer Xavi Bou captures the amazing motion of birds, and bird flocks, in flight, as a single photo. The result is an image of the ethereal patterns birds make in flight.
25 Astonishing Facts About Birds - Interesting things about birds that you probably never wondered about, but which will enrich your understanding of our feathered neighbors.
The Highest Flying Birds in the World - Some fly at over 37,000 feet, similar to commercial airliners.

Finally, nightingales are among the world's most beautiful bird songsters. The recording below seems an appropriate metaphor for the closing days of 2020, and our high hopes for the coming year.

Nightingales Sing as Bombers Fly Overhead - This poignant recording from 1942 begins with the lovely songs of nightingales. Their beautiful song is slowly drowned out by the drone of RAF bombers flying overhead, then, having been undeterred by the bombers' sound, the nightingales become audible again as the bombers pass.
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