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Baaeétitchish/Wendy Red Star: Recasting Native Images In Art

Baaéetitchish (One Who Is Talented), is Wendy Red Star's Apsáalooke (Crow) name. Her artwork reimagines images of Native peoples by offering new and unexpected perspectives, at once inquisitive, witty, and, sometimes, unsettling.

The works of this brilliant artist are found in many places, so what I offer below are a range of opportunities to find her work, and learn more about her.

Wendy Red Star: Baaeétitchish (One Who Is Talented) - Profile of the artist, including a 5-minute video introduction to her work and creative vision.
Wendy Red Star on the World Stage - Take a deep dive into the artist's creative worldview in this one-hour author talk and conversation.
1880 Crow Peace Delegation - The artist's exhibit consisting of 10 historic photographs of the treaty delegation of Crow chiefs and distinguished leaders that traveled to Washington. As with many historic photographs of Native American people, these photos had made their way into the public domain with no identifying information about those pictured, and were appropriated for use in commercial advertisements. In Red Star’s series, she has annotated the scanned photographs, identifying the names of the individuals and provided details about their lives. Click on the link and, when the new page opens, scroll to the bottom of the page to view all of the photographs. Click on each one to enlarge for viewing. The exhibition was also presented by the Birmingham Museum of Art. See their website for the show to find additional information about the original photographs.
Wendy Red Star - The artist's personal website.
Decolonizing Photography: A Conversation with Wendy Red Star - Challenging mainstream representations of Native Americans, Wendy Red Star photographs her Crow culture, on her own terms.
Wendy Red Star: A Scratch on the Earth - Take a 7-minute video tour of the artist's mid-career retrospective exhibition at the Newark Museum.
Wendy Red Star - This 7-minute video, features Wendy Red Star, and her daughter, Beatrice, discussing the work they do together.
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