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Bagpipe Jazz! With Gunhild Carling, That's Just The Warmup!

This is one of the hardest working musicians out there! Playing an amazing range of instruments with high-energy virtuosity, this Swedish "Queen of Swing" blows the doors off even a YouTube concert hall.

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Bagpipe Blues - Bagpipes weren't meant to be played like this...but they should have been! Also, in the last minute or so of this 4-minute video clip, she'll play some jazz trombone.
Gunhild Carling Big Band: Hot Jazz - Only 3-minutes, but her trumpet is red hot!
Playing for the King of Sweden - 4-minutes of rockin' trombone for the Swedish king on his 70th birthday.
Bagpipe Jazz - A 4-minute video of some amazing jazz bagpipe at Falsterbo Jazzklubb.
1920s Style - In 3-minutes, Gunhild Carling puts us in a Roaring 20s jazz club, doing a version of Madonna's "Material Girl"...and there's tap dancing, too!

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