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Bears Of The World

Bears are native to every continent except Africa and Oceania. With majestic good looks, intelligence, amazing resourcefulness, impressive power and speed, these magnificent creatures are true classics.

Each Daily Cuppa Go post is like a daily newspaper to enjoy with your favorite cuppa. There's a series of related stories on a theme, and just like a newspaper, you can browse as your time and interests lead you.

Bears of the World - This international research site devoted to the study of bears is a great place to get a basic orientation to the types of bears! There's also photo galleries for each bear species. And, if you scroll down the homepage, you'll find links to maps that show the areas of the world that each bear species calls home.
Types of Bears - Find out what makes each species of bear unique, and why some of the "bears" we talk about aren't actually bears!
56 Un-Bear-Ably Cute Momma Bears Teaching Their Teddy Bears How To Bear - Momma Bears doing the parenting thing.
Bears! - This is an amazing gallery of professional-quality bear photographs. You may also be interested in this related item: Beautiful Images of the World’s Bears - Just what it says...more nice bear photos.
Brown Bears in Kamchatka - This photo set takes you up close and personal with some very impressive bears.
Polar Bears on the Brink - Polar bears have come to symbolize the effects of climate change on wildlife habitat across the globe. This selection of Wildlife Photographer of the Year photographs focuses on these magnificent creatures.
Bear WebCams - Explore the world of bears in their natural surroundings with this selection of live WebCams set up in bear hotspots. The live cameras switch depending on the seasonal activity level. Currently, the featured webcam has a popular site for bear salmon fishing.
Bear Cubs Climbing Down a Tree - A 4-minute video of cubs figuring out the tree climbing gig.
Staying Safe in Bear Country - Bears are beautiful, inspiring creatures. It's also important to remember that when humans enter their world, we need to enter on terms that work for the bears, if the encounter is to be a happy one. This 30-minute video provides the consensus advice from bear researchers about how to stay safe in black and grizzly bear country in North America.
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