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Beautiful, Quirky, And Magical Doors Around The World

From Mexico to Morocco, and Indonesia to Lithuania, these enchanting doors are much more than entryways. Some, perhaps, are portals to other worlds!

Knock on Wood: Where to Find the World’s Most Beautiful Doors - Explore the character of various places across the world as expressed in their doors. Check out this other list of epic doors to expand your amazement: 25 Of The Most Beautiful Doors Around The World.
Doors of San Miguel de Allende - Take a 5-minute virtual tour of some of the amazing doors in this Mexican city, renowned for their beauty, craftsmanship, and enchanting colors! Of related interest: The Many Doors of San Miguel de Allende.
25 Beautiful Doors That Seem To Lead To Other Worlds - Some doors seem to invite us to enter another realm.
The Most Beautiful Pictures Of Doors From Around The World - Check out these photos of amazing doors, shared by folks across the globe.
The Vibrant Colors of Lithuanian Garage Doors - A photographer showcases some of these brightly-colored wooden and metal doors "that look as if time has tried to claw them to pieces, yet their vibrancy withstands each passing year."
The Tiny Doors of Atlanta - There are wonderful, quirky 7-inch doors scattered all across Atlanta. Who knew? Learn more about the project here.

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