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Beautiful Secret And Hidden Gardens Around The World

Across the globe, there are gardens designed to offer oases of serenity amidst the bustle. Often seemingly 'hidden' in unexpected places, these islands of natural beauty also provide inviting spaces for reflection.

There's a true wealth of 'secret' and 'hidden' gardens around the world, so there's not much overlap in the suggestions below. In fact, virtually every town and city has such places. A quick internet search for "secret gardens" or "hidden gardens" with a particular city, will reveal its riches!

10 Spellbinding Secret Gardens From Around The World - From Mexico to Sri Lanka to South Africa, and beyond...
12 of the World's Most Enchanting Secret Gardens - From Manhattan to Marrakech there are intriguing spots tucked away.
These Beautiful Secret Gardens are the Ultimate Escape - There's some special surprises here, including a garden under the sea!
Secret Gardens: A Global Tour of Hidden Urban Oases - These parks and gardens provide the thrill of discovery, along with a chance to pause and reflect.
The Power of a Community Garden - This is the story of how a small meditation garden, in an "off the beaten path" location, became a catalyst for larger community collaborations and progress. The story discusses the project up through 2014, but the garden project has continued to expand and develop from that beginning. Read about its current activities here.

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