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Bolivia! Tour This Amazing Country & Make Salteñas, The Favorite Dish!

Bolivia is a country of astonishing variety from jungles to towering mountains, vibrant cities and tiny villages. Along with that theme comes the humble salteña, widely considered to be the queen of Bolivian foods.

15 Amazing Places in Bolivia That Will Take Your Breath Away - From "roof of the world" Andean mountains to the steamy Amazon jungle and everything in between.
Bolivia's 11 Most Underrated Towns And Villages - The biggest mistake one could make is to neglect these amazing little towns.
Bolivia Travel Guide - Although this 7-minute video is your basic vacationers overview, it does provide a brief virtual tour of the country. This 3-minute video tour by motorbike and drone offers a different, intriguing perspective on Bolivia.
Bolivian Street Art - A sampling for street art from across the country.
Salteñas: The Most Popular Food in Bolivia - These crescent-shaped, filled pockets of dough, are commonly eaten at breakfast or as a mid-day snack.
The Salteña: Bolivia’s Saucy Take on the Empanada - This crusty morsel is a bit of culinary ingenuity speaking to how well adapted the dish is to the challenges of the Bolivian climate. Includes a recipe.
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