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Breads Of The World

Humanity's worldwide love affair with bread expresses itself in a wide variety of delicious forms, using all sorts of grains, or no grain at all!

The Most Popular Breads in the World - Even if "most popular" is a slippery concept in this sort of list, Taste Atlas does a great job of introducing hundreds of types of breads (and other foods) across the world, so go on over and look around. It's a fun place. Includes recipes.
50 of the World's Best Breads - Take a journey through this quintessential global comfort food.
11 of the World's Fanciest-Looking Breads - Some bread varieties are just plain gorgeous to look at.
The Best Gluten-Free Bread and Wraps From Around The World - Gluten-free bread and wraps have been traditional in many cultures since the beginning of civilization.
The Pre-History of Bread - This 34-minute video explores recent archeological discoveries that have revolutionized what we know about the history of bread. You'll even learn what we do, and don't, know about the ingredients of some 14,000-year-old bread crumbs.
The Science of Making Bread - This 5-minute video explains what actually happens scientifically when you make bread, by actually making some.
25 Bread Recipes From Around The World You Have To Bake - Here's your chance to get baking!
The Tassajara Bread Book - This is the wonderful book that taught me how to make bread, and muffins, biscuits, and desserts, as well. If you've never made a loaf of bread, this is the book for you. It has detailed, step-by-step instructions, matched with accurate illustrations. Although you can buy an updated version in a bookstore, the original version is a free online loan from the Internet Archive library.
Artisan Bread Recipes - Here's some more options for making some beautiful loaves!
This Baker Turns Bread Into Beautiful Artwork - This self-taught home baker is an artist who uses bread as a canvas to turn it into beautiful artwork.
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