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Camille Seaman's Compelling Photos: "...we are connected...everything has a life force..."

Camille Seaman's stunning photography is a journey toward understanding: " day I was just like, 'That’s it, I’m fed up. I don’t understand what these bumper stickers are about and I want to know.'"

The Big Thaw: Haunting Photos of Polar Ice - A 4-minute video gallery of Camille Seaman's photographs. She sees "images of icebergs as portraits of individuals," akin to family photos--only these faces are dissolving.
Touching the Directions With Camille Seaman - Camille Seaman explains her deep personal connection with photographing ice and why she sees her photographic projects as years-long endeavors, not one-offs.
We Are Still Here: A New Record of Native America - A photo gallery of Camille Seaman's work to record contemporary Native Americans. "I ask, just before I press the shutter: 'What, through this image, would you like your descendants to know about you, your life—your experience?' With this question, something happens: a gravitas, a moment worthy of recording."
Connection and Purpose: Tales of a Polar Explorer - How does an Indigenous woman end up as a National Geographic photographer, TED Senior Fellow, Stanford Knight Fellow and more? In this 20-minute TEDx talk, Camille Seaman shares her life journey from an early teaching she took to heart: "I was taught from a very young age that we are connected to everything, that everything has a life force."
Camille Seaman's Portfolio - This is a link to the gallery on her personal website. Once you're on her site, click on any of the photos to open a gallery and see more of her stunning photographs on that theme.
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