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Carlos Mérida's Beautiful Fusion: Guatemalan, Mexican, Indigenous, And European

Born in Guatemala in 1891, but living for years in both Paris and Mexico City, Mérida fused Indigenous and other traditional Latin American themes with modern European styles in painting.

Dances of Mexico - A portfolio of 10 lithographs by Carlos Mérida (1939).
Carnival in Mexico - Works in an exhibition of lithorgraphs by Carlos Mérida (1940). Not all the exhibition works are online, but scroll to the bottom of the page to see several of the exhibition paintings.
The Hungry Moon - Illustrations by Carlos Mérida for The Hungry Moon: Mexican Nursery Tales (1946).
The Bird - Illustrations by Carlos Mérida for The Bird (1947).
Carlos Mérida - This profile of the artist includes a number of his works across the span of his career, with heaviest emphasis on the later phases when his work embraced more geometrical and surreal styles of painting.
Carlos Mérida - A Wikipedia overview of his life and career.
Carlos Mérida: Teoría de la imagen - This 15-minute video offers an overview of the artist's life and impact on the art world. In Spanish.

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