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Cholitas Bravas: These Aymara Indigenous Women Are Breaking Stereotypes And Shifting Perceptions

The term ‘Cholita’ long has been a derogatory name for young Indigenous women. Nowadays, Cholitas in Bolivia, proudly wear traditional clothing while doing extreme sports, breaking stereotypes, and shifting perceptions.

Cholitas Escaladoras - This short video introduces the Climbing Cholitas who climb mountains as a symbol of liberation and empowerment. Wearing traditional skirts, they are more than climbers, they are brave women who find in the mountain a space to feel free, happy and alive. In January 2019 they summited the 22,841 ft peak of Mt Aconcagua and the photos of that climb are stunning.
Not a Woman's Job? Breaking Barriers in Sports - The Geneva Office of the United Nations also has a tribute page for the Cholitas Escaladroas.
Cholitas Skaters - In this short video, meet indigenous women who excel at skateboarding, where men have long held the sport as their own. Embracing their culture by skating while wearing traditional clothing, they are proud of their ancestors and heritage, a combination of culture, beauty, and spirit powerful to behold. Read more about them here.
Cholitas Luchadoras - This Al Jazeera+ video profiles one of Bolivia's wrestling cholitas who began wrestling to regain empowerment and break stereotypes. Cholitas Luchadoras are now very popular professional performers. Another story about them, with additional photos featuring additional women can be found here.

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