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Coming Home: Houses Around The World

Explore the types of houses in use across the globe, and step inside some of the homes of everyday folks. This is not a real-estate tour, but virtually sharing the human experience of making home in the world.

This is Home - Enjoy the truly astonishing opportunity to visit inside other people's homes around the world.
Typical Homes Around the World - "Typical" depends on one's perspective, but here's another opportunity to explore common living situations across the world.
14 Different Types of Houses Found in Countries Around the World - Explore the wide range of shelters in use across the globe.
Life on the Water: 11 Floating Villages Across the World - Communities that live on the water, not next to it. See also: The Barge Dwellers of Rotterdam’s Old Harbor.
15 Traditional Housing Types from Around the World - A look at types of housing that have been in use for centuries. For a different take on the same concept see: 11 Delightful Traditional Houses Around The World.
12 Extraordinary Tiny Houses From Around the World - Tiny houses come in all shapes and forms!
23 Incredible Shipping Container Homes Around the World - Common shipping containers are finding second lives as an affordable green building material.
Living Like The Flintstones: 10 Modern "Stone Age" Dwellings - People have lived in caves since time began, but today's rock dwellings are anything but a hole in the wall. Of related interest: 10 Fascinating Cave Dwellings in the World.
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