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Compassionate Woman: Tawacin WasteWin (Patricia Locke)

Celebrating Patricia Locke, defender of indigenous rights, educational visionary, and promoter of the oneness and wholeness of all humanity.

Remembering That We Are Sacred Beings - This summary of a talk given by Patricia Locke provides a beautiful insight into her personality and approach to life.
Patricia Locke - National Women's Hall of Fame profile.
Patricia Locke: National Race Amity Medal of Honor (2014) - Short video honoring Patricia Locke's work for racial justice and unity.
The Strength of Women: "The Warrior Spirit" - Short video tribute to Patricia Locke, narrated by her son, Kevin Locke, and Dr. Ceylan Isgor.
Compassionate Woman: Biography of Activist Patricia Locke - Review of Patricia Locke biography. “Just thinking about her, I want to sit up straight and be a better human being.”
Patricia Locke Foundation - Patricia Locke's work continues today through the foundation created by her son, Kevin Locke.
Patricia Locke - Wikipedia profile.
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