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COVID Can't Keep You Home! Travel The World In Music!

Fantastic music from Mexico all the way to Korea! From Bossa Nova to Bollywood to Aussie Indie and beyond...

10 of the Best Music Radio Stations Around the World - Music is a great way to transport your brain out of COVIDland. Here are 10 soundscapes to explore on the internet. Turn up the volume and enjoy!
10 Female Jazz Musicians You Need To Know - Amazing talent from early pioneers like American pianist Mary Lou Williams, to contemporary artists like Chilean saxophonist Melissa Aldana.
Top 10 Jazz Greats of Latin America - Whether their music is rooted in tango, son, or folk, their ability to improvise freely, takes us on sublime journeys that transcend the genres of a particular locality.
8 Women From Latin America’s Music History Who Don’t Get Enough Credit - Some of the most impressive women musicians and composers in Latin America across the decades.
Mariachi Mujer Latina - Mujer Latina is one of serveral all-female mariachi bands shaking up this male-dominated musical genre. Read more about their story here.
Africa Express - Explore this Africa Express video playlist to experience their unique style of musical collaboration that breaks down boundaries and borders, whether between geographical regions, genres or generations. Learn more about them here.
Rainforest World Music Festival - This 2.5-hour video from Day 3 of the 2019 festival offers a taste of the music at this annual world music festival held in Indonesia.
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