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Cows. A Lot More Than "Moo."

The common stereotypes of cows miss their stunning beauty, intelligence, and affectionate natures. Oh, and they can help deal with climate change.

I grew up with hundreds of cattle and love them like family. Although "cows" is often used as a term for all cattle, technically, only the females are cows. But, who cares about that?

10 Beautiful Photos of Cows All Over the World - Found everywhere from Austria to India, Ethiopia to Colombia, cattle are dignified, fascinating, and beautiful.
10 of the Most Exceptional Cattle Breeds - Here are some of the more visually amazing breeds of cattle from around the world.
10 Things to Love About Cows - Cows get a bum rap, both in their common pop culture image, and in their inhumane treatment and management by humans. Here's some help in correcting the unfair and hurtful stereotypes.
Rare and Lesser-Known Cattle Breeds - Although this page is specific to Australia, there is a wealth of information about, and photographs of, lesser-known breeds of cattle from around the world.
Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Are the World’s Cuddliest Little Cows - All calves are adorable, and these photos of an especially furry one give you an idea of why that's true. Note to self: Mother cows sometimes don't like overly-close attention given to their youngsters. Consult your local mother cow before simply going in for a cuddle!
Cattle Photography Contest Winners - Top cattle photographs from around the world.
Can Cows Save the World? - This 2-minute video provides the short answer: Yes, cows can play a major role in solving climate change and other environmental problems. For a deeper dive into this topic, watch “When the Land Needs the Animals Like Animals Need the Land" (40-minute video).
Sir Patrick Stewart Impersonating British Cows - Just for some silly fun! Yes, it really is the famous actor mooing in this 8-minute audio clip.
A Personal Favorite - Cattle grazing in the Sandhills region of Nebraska.

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