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Curious About Cuba? Let's Tour Havana & Make Some Pastelitos de Guayaba.

Pastelitos are common at breakfast and completely irresistible. These little puffs of flaky pastry, filled with a guava paste, will have you dreaming of Cuba. And, while you're enjoying this most popular of Cuban pastries, we'll check out some of the sights!

Pastelitos de Guayaba Recipe - This Cuban cook will crack you up with her opening remarks. Then you get to the recipe, and don't they look delicious!
Pastelitos (Guava and Cream Cheese Pastries) - New York Times Food Editor, Daniela Galarza, offers a quick and easy version of the recipe.
The Best Cuban Desserts You Need To Try Now - Pastelitos are just one of the listings here, but in case you want to explore some more Cuban delights, here you go.
Virtual Tour of Havana - This 4-minute video shows you around the Cuban capital.
Experience Cuba From Your Living Room - Coffee, music, film, and books for the authentic Cuban experience.
Why Cuba’s Streets Are Filled With Classic Cars - About 60,000 classic cars fill the streets of Cuba, and a trip isn't complete without a ride.
Virtual Tour of Havana's Great Museums - PBS special, Curious About Cuba, shows a side of this island nation that one seldom hears about: her art, history, and culture.
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