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Curious About Himalayan India? Take A Virtual Tour of Darjeeling And Make A Cup of Tea!

This periodic series showcasing some of the world's great teas, focuses this time on Darjeeling tea. A favorite of tea drinkers everywhere, this Indian tea is a perfect partner to scones, muffins, and desserts. We'll also take a virtual tour of Darjeeling and see the sites!

Types of Tea - What makes them different? Note that Darjeeling is most often consumed as a black tea.
Tea Bags or Loose Tea? - Yes, it does make a difference to consider this question!
Making a Perfect Cup of Tea! - Instructions for brewing a wonderful cup of tea every time.
Darjeeling Tea - Darjeeling tea is grown in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India.
Autumn Flush: The Best Darjeeling Tea You'll (Likely Never) Taste - A primer on a variety of types of Darjeeling teas.
Darjeeling Virtual Tour - Official 3-minute tourism video for Darjeeling, India.
Overview of Darjeeling's History and General Information - The history of Darjeeling is intertwined with that of Sikkim, Nepal, British India, and Bhutan. Darjeeling's culture is diverse and unique.
The Development of Britain Depended in Large Part on the Systematic Plunder of India - Darjeeling was established by the British East India Company, a prime instrument of British colonial rule. It's impossible to understand the history of Darjeeling without knowing more about British colonial rule.
20 Darjeeling Food Dishes to Know the City’s Heart - Some of the delicious foods that help you get closer to the spirit of Darjeeling.
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