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Dinah Washington: 'Queen Of The Blues' And So Much More

Between 1946 to 1961 Dinah Washington dominated the jukeboxes and was probably the most popular R&B singer of the time. As she put it, "I can sing anything, anything at all." And she did. Enjoy these clips from live performances.

Forebears: The Mercurial And Majestic Dinah Washington - Profile of Dinah Washington: "No modern singer has had Washington's particular combination of talent, sass and pluck. 'She was a mischievous queen, she was,' Abbey Lincoln once said of her. 'Yeah, she was really mischievous. And it's all in her music.'" More information about her life and career can be found here.
What a Difference a Day Makes (1960) - One of her most popular hits, performed on TV.
Unforgettable (1959) - This is a studio recording, not a live performance, but I include it because it's considered one of the most beautiful versions of this much-recorded song.
Four Songs with Woody Herman (1952) - Recorded live during the Cavalcade of Stars Tour.
Only a Moment Ago & Such a Night (1955) - Live at the Apollo Theater.
That's All I Want from You (1955) - Live Bandstand Revue television broadcast.
All of Me (1958) - Live at the Newport Jazz Festival.
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