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Dogs Of Our Planet (Or Maybe Not)

Dogs are some of the most wonderful creatures on Earth! Some of them are so amazing, they seem other-worldly.

Gravity-Defying Photos of Determined Dogs Catching Frisbees in Mid-Air - You've got to see them, to believe them.
20 Astonishing Dogs That Seem to Have Come From Another Planet - These dogs are truly unique!
The 25 Largest, Most Lovable Dog Breeds - There's a lot to love with these.
Dogs Working From Home - This hilarious Instagram account features photos of "the unsung heroes of our ZOOM calls, the pawfect procrastination and thinking 'why u home, hooman?'"
Dogs of the World - Ever wonder where your favorite dog breed originated? Lili Chin has made some charts to help you out!
The 10 Best Dogs to Have on a Farm - I've got a special place in my heart for farm dogs. In memory of my very own Shetland Sheepdog (aka: Shetland Collie), I'm raising my cuppa in their honor!
Mesmerising Mass Sheep Herding - This 2-minute video shows Border Collies doing an epic job in herding a gigantic flock of sheep. Watch the itsy-bitsy black dots darting around the edges of the flock. That's the Border Collies working the sheep. I've seen this in real-life, the dogs do this almost entirely on their own, with very few commands from the herder.
Aspen Avalanche Rescue Dogs - A 6-minute video showing the life-saving work these dogs do.
How Dogs (Eventually) Became Our Best Friends - This 10-minute video traces the unexpected story of how humanity gained its "best friend."

Finally, just for fun, a few short videos of dogs just having fun...

Dog Belly-Sledding a Snowy Hill - If you don't have a sled, here's how you do it in style! Or, how about doing that on a ski slope? And, of course, you can also go with a conventional sled!
What would dogs-having-fun videos be without Stella's amazing jumps into leaf piles?
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