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Download Beautiful Free Posters Of Leading Female Scientists

You can invite these amazing female scientific geniuses--from Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, and across the globe--into your home or office! Download a poster from any of these sites for free to celebrate these female leaders and inspire girls everywhere to arise and make new discoveries!

Female Scientist Posters (available in 8 languages) - Amazing role models in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!
Forces of Nature: Great Women Who Changed Science - Posters celebrating the contributions women have made to science, especially those women overlooked in their time.
Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics - A poster showcase of prominent historical and present-day inventors, astronauts, explorers and mathematicians.
Celebrating Diversity in Computing! - This poster set includes many women.
Mighty Women in Science - A poster set of six female scientists from across the globe.

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