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Earth As You've Never Seen It

By now, you may be feeling a little jaded about views of Earth from space. Well, hold on to your eyeballs, because the work of Armand Dijcks isn't what you've seen before.

I usually include several images in my posts to give readers a taste of what's coming, however, still images, in no way, do justice to the videos in today's post. There's really no way to prepare you for the stunning videos. Take a look and see for yourself.

Earth from Space Cinemagraphs - This is the entire portfolio of the artist's space videos on his website. Scroll down the page to view these gorgeous and mesmerizing images of our home planet.
Horizon - This 1.5-minute video has several video clips accompanied by music.
If you liked an earlier Daily Cuppa Go post, The Ocean As You've Never Seen It, you may find it interesting that Armand Dijks was responsible for the cinemography on two of the videos, Elemental and The Infinite Now, featured in that post.

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