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Elvis Worms, Eyeballs Covered With Teeth, Jurassic Park Microbes...Nature Goes Weird!

Fasten your seat belt for an expedition through a few of the wonderfully bizarre things being discovered in the natural world!

'Elvis Worms' Are Glitzy, Iridescent - Four new, bizarre species of deep-sea scale worms have been discovered in the Pacific Ocean.
World's Largest Shark Has Teeth on Its Eyeballs - Whale sharks have eyes covered in teeth and can retract their eyeballs into the sockets!
Upside Down Lighting and Blue Jets - Scientists have been learning more about why lightning sometimes fires upward in blue jets, rather than down in its usual forking pattern.
These Microbes Were Dormant for Over 100 Million Years, But They Were Able to Spring Back to Life - Microbial Jurassic Park? Yep, microbes "dead" since before the dinosaurs went extinct have been brought back to life.
The Paradise Flying Snake - Scientists recently learned how these amazing snakes are able to "fly."
World's Weirdest Bird Sounds: Part One - Just for the fun of it, take a listen to these wacky bird calls! If you want more, here's the link to Part Two.
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