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Epic & Unexpected Virtual Tours

Visit truly exceptional places, including some you perhaps never dreamed of seeing. Lesser-known World Heritage sites; the world's most beautiful beaches; the wildest roller coaster rides; spiritual oases, and the Studio Ghibli Museum (which is normally off-limits to photography)...just as a start!

Vietnam's 8 World Heritage Sites - These 360-degree virtual tours feature high-quality views of some truly jaw-dropping historical and natural heritage treasures.
The World's Most Beautiful Beach? - This globe-trotting travel writer thinks this Spanish beach wins the prize. Whether that's true or not, it's a pretty awesome 3-minutes. If you want a broader field of candidates, here's some more of the most beautiful beaches to tour: Hit the World's Best Beaches With These 360-Degree Virtual Tours.
Swimming With Loggerhead Turtles - Take a 1-minute relaxation break with these beautiful creatures!
Living on Ice in Antarctica - Experience the stunning landscapes of Antarctica in this 5-minute hike with Sam Beaugey, a polar explorer and world-renowned mountaineer. Go with him as he navigates the harsh terrain of this legendary continent in search of ice caves.
The Historic Center of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - A 9-minute walking tour of this beautifully-colorful World Heritage site.
Virtual Tours Around the Studio Ghibli Museum - Anime fans can get a highly-unusual video peek inside the legendary studio's museum, thanks to this series of short videos released by the studio as part of its pandemic response.
Ride the Top 5 Roller Coasters in the World - These virtual rides get very real! Hold on!
St. James Way - Here are several short virtual tour stops along the route of this beautiful and historic trek through ancient towns and countryside. The Way of St. James, or Camino de Santiago, has been a route of Christian pilgrimage for centuries. It is still followed today as a form of spiritual retreat, and is also popular with hiking and cycling enthusiasts and history tour groups.
Bahá'í Houses of Worship - Take a 3-minute, world-circling video tour of these beautifully diverse places of prayer and reflection open to all. Related: In this 4-minute CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) video, the architect of the House of Worship in Santiago, Chile, provides a lovely explanation of these uniquely varied styles of architecture.

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