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Eye-Popping Paintings Reinvent Racist Blackamoor Images

Kajahl's stunning paintings re-imagine the images of subservient Blacks presented in European Blackamoor art as astronomers, rulers, scholars, alchemists, explorers, and deities.

Subversive and Grandiose, Kajahl’s Vivid Portraits Supplant Historical Narratives - The vivid paintings center alchemists, scholars, astronomers, and various intellectual figures within grandiose and luxurious settings.
Kajahl - The artist's official website has additional examples of his work.
Royal Specter - In this 4-minute video, Kajahl conducts a virtual walk-through of his most recent exhibition, providing insights into his work.
There’s No Excuse for Buying or Decorating With Blackamoors - A leading home-decorating publication reflects on the plague of Blackamoors in home decor.

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