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Faces In The Family: A Global Photo Album

Celebrate the stunning beauty and diversity of humanity. Explore our human family across the planet through portraits of individuals from different parts of the world. As we explore and celebrate, we may also consider the deep and inseparable connections that unite all the peoples and cultures of the world and what those connections mean for our own possibilities and responsibilities. And...especially, we call the children to mind.

The World in Faces - This United Nations' exhibition introduces the world's Indigenous People through portraits of individuals from humanity's diverse cultures, identities and traditions.
Faces of the World - A National Geographic showcase of faces from across the globe.
Portraits of Childhood from Around the World - Travel around the globe, experiencing peoples and cultures through these extraordinary portraits of childhood as lived in different places.
Global Peace Photo Awards - These annual photography awards go to photographers who capture human efforts towards a peaceful world and the quest for beauty, goodness in our lives, and a future of peaceful coexistence. Note: This is a very rich website, with photo galleries of winning and shortlisted photos going back to 2013. If you click on a year, the winners of that year will appear. The photos that appear, however, are only part of the winning portfolio--click on the placeholder photo to see the rest of the portfolio.

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