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Fiji! Take A Tour And Make Lolo Buns

Famed for ruggedly beautiful landscapes, palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, and crystal clear lagoons, Fiji is an epic travel destination. Tour the islands and learn to make its iconic sweetbread.

17 Photos of Fiji's Wonders - That pretty well sums it up.
Nat Geo Wild: Fiji - Take a tour of Fiji with National Geographic.
Beautiful Islands of Fiji - BBC documentary.
Hiking Through Fiji: Discovering Paradise - Get a taste of the country's interior by following this backpacker's journey through Fiji's amazing backcountry. The second video in this series highlights local food and culture: Hiking Through Fiji: Culture and Cuisine in Fiji's Interior.
Lolo Buns Fiji Style - Lolo Buns are an easy-to-prepare Fijian favorite. Make a simple dough, cover it with coconut milk, then bake or steam, as you prefer. This video provides instructions for making Lolo Buns, baked style.
Fijian Coconut Lolo Buns - This video provides instructions for making Lolo Buns, steamed style.
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