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Global Street Art: Amazing Creativity and Universal Messages

As the world's urban population has grown, the concrete, brick, and steel has become a canvas for street art messages; which often have universal themes.

Bookshelf Murals Around the World - Building façades around the world which create an optical illusion of a large bookshelf with giant sized books. Click on the link, then scroll down the page that opens to see location, photo, and information about each bookshelf mural.
7 Cities to See Powerful Street Art - Around the world, street art takes on various forms, but one thing that rings true across the world is the cultural relevance behind these works of art.
Great Tokyo Street Art - The Japanese capital features some great art enlivening public spaces. You can also Get Wowed by Street Art in Tennozu Isle.
Norway Has Some Jaw-Dropping Street Art.
A few examples of stunning street art in Canada.
COVID-19 Inspired Street Artists - solidarity, hope, and humor.
The Powerful Street Art of JADE - the works of Peruvian street artist JADE are striking in sincere way the artist depicts the deep connection of people and culture.
The Google Street Art Project allows you to drop into the actual location where street art exists, or is being created, and learn the back story on the art, check out the neighborhood, and learn about the artists. There's lots to see on this site, so scroll around and see what you can find!
Murals Across America - Whether these are the best in each state or not, every state has great street art to see.
3D Murals That Will Blow Your Mind - the inventive talent here truly is mind-blowing!
64 Powerful Street Art Pieces That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth - images mostly on environmental themes. Note: some are particularly hard-hitting in their message.

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