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Grooves From Everywhere: A Global Musical Feast

Pick a place. Just about anyplace. Take a free listen.

Radio Garden invites you to tune into thousands of live radio stations across the globe. Listen across borders to bring distant voices close, connect with people and places around the world.
Free Music Archive - Over 10,000 free, high quality (and legal) mp3s in a wide variety of genres from around the world. Searchable by genre and country.
Coffee Break Sessions - Playlists of Arabic, Brazilian, Bollywood, Soviet, African, Eastern European, & Turkish Music. Click the link and when the YouTube page opens, the entire list of curated music will be along the right side of the page.
It's often said that American music is, at root, African-American music. Explore this history by listening to Wade in the Water, an epic 26-part NPR series detailing the history of American gospel music and its impact on soul, jazz and R&B.
Indigenous Sounds of Australia - Recordings by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including the best-selling Aboriginal music album in history, the first mainstream chart hit for an Aboriginal artist, and other works.
British Library collection of World and Traditional Music - Thousands of modern and traditional music recordings from around the world.
Musical Instrument Museum Online - MIMO presents images and information about more than 64,000 musical instruments from across the globe.

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