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Harriet Powers: The "Mother of African-American Quilting"

Only two of her wonderful quilts still survive, but they are among the most famous and revered works of art in the history of African-American folk art.

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Harriet Powers's Bible Quilt - Perhaps her most famous quilt, this beautiful quilt now is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Click on the link, and when the new page opens, you can click through the slide show at the top of the page to see closeups of all the quilt squares.
Harriet Powers's Pictorial Quilt - The other fine example of her story-quilting skill. Click the link and, on the new page, you can click through a slide show of the quilt squares.
Harriet Powers - Wikipedia profile, with extensive information about her.
Harriet Powers - A brief profile on the History of American Women website.
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