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Have A Smile! Four Short Animated Films To Make Your Day Better.

Take a break from the various panic-attacks going on around you and breathe. These short films are just plain fun...when they're not warming your heart.

Omelette - In this 3-minute film, a tired, overworked guy and his loyal and hard-cooking dog celebrate the meaning of making food for someone we love.
Feast - In this 6-minute heart-warmer, one man’s romance is seen through the eyes of his best friend...his always hungry dog.
Decaf - This 4-minute film begins with an energetic dog wanting to play with his lazy cat friend. He makes her some coffee, the caffeine kicks in, and they both have a great time playing, until...YIKES! Fortunately, a calm koala comes to the rescue.
La Boîte/The Box - In this beautifully done 7-minute film, a man ends up making a friend of the mouse he had hoped to trap.
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