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Humanity's Best Friends: Trees

Trees provide a foundation for our life and civilization, providing beauty and solace to the eyes, oxygen, food, building materials, opportunities for play, and more!

9 of the World's Most Amazing Trees - With these trees, you are in the presence of some true wonders of the world.
Stunning photos of the world’s most beautiful trees - Some of the world's most inspiring trees.
22 Stunning Trees That You (Perhaps) Had No Idea Existed - Some trees are so beautiful or strange, it’s almost impossible to believe they actually exist.
Mystical Sentinels: World’s Most Beautiful Trees - One feels very humble before these magnificent trees.
The Cosmic Miracle of Trees: Astronaut Leland Melvin Reads Pablo Neruda’s Love Letter to Earth’s Forests - "Anyone who hasn’t been in the Chilean forest doesn’t know this planet."
Sounds of the Forest: Sounds of Forests from All Over the World - A free archive of sounds recorded in forests around the world. The experience of natural sounds can be transformative! Click on the link and, when the new page opens, click on any of the "dots" on the map to open a sound file for that forest.
Spend an Hour in an Aspen Forest - I personally love Aspen trees, so I'm including some sounds and images from an Aspen forest. And for a visual treat, there's no better place to see an Aspen forest in its full glory than Colorado in the Fall.
The Sheer Joy of Jumping Into Piles of Leaves - Trees provide opportunities for play and joy, as well. Stella loves leaf piles, and so will you after watching her having such fun!
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