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Humanity's World Of Play: Sports Across The Globe

Looking for a new way to have fun, test your limits, or challenge your skills? Cultural traditions have informed a wide range of fascinating games and sports around the world.

Most Popular Sport By Country (2020) - Yes, soccer is hugely popular, but millions also prefer other sports.
Weirdest Sports In The World? - 'Weird' is a matter of cultural preference, but here's some sports that might be new to you! 'Bizarre' also depends on cultural norms, but here's 21 more interesting sports that people play around the world.
10 Asian Sports That Would Spice Up The Olympics - Mongolia's bökh, India's mallakhamb, Malaysia's sepak takraw, and others!
9 Traditional African Sports - African sports that existed before colonialism and continue today. Also, consider these suggestions for 7 traditional African sports that should be in the Olympics.
Ulama: The Pre-Columbian Indigenous Ballgame That Survives Today - The game, in which the ball is hit with the hip, is a survival of the pre-Columbian game Ullamaliztli, which was popular among the Maya and the Aztec. And this 21st century version of ulama probably doesn't look like it did in Aztec times.
The Indigenous Runner Who Conquers Ultra-Marathons Wearing Her Sandals - Profile of Lorena Ramírez, one of the rarámuris, "those with the light feet."
Inuit Games And Sports - These traditional sports are enjoyed across all circumpolar countries, including Canada, the United States, Greenland and Russia.
7 Sports That Are Unique To Southeast Asia - The following games unique to the Southeast Asian region all have a sizeable following.
Local Filipino Sports You Should Know About - Filipinos are fond of these homegrown sports.
Va'a Racing - This traditional sport spread around most of the Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian Islands, but also moved to Australia, USA, Canada, South America, Asia…and finally to Europe. It is now an organized international sport.
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