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Indigenous Artists Remaking Music and History

Indigenous musicians present themselves in a wide array of rhythm, tonality, phrasing, attitude, and message.

RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World - This revelatory documentary brings to light the profound and overlooked influence of Indigenous people on popular music in North America.
YES! Magazine article about the RUMBLE documentary - explores Native American influence in popular music.
RUMBLE On: More Native American Musicians You Should Know - These artists meld their own traditions with au currant forms of expression.
An in-depth interview with Supaman - MTV Music Award-winning Native Hip Hop artist.
10 Indigenous Artists You Need to Know Right Now
23 Indigenous musicians who are finally getting some long overdue Grammy recognition
Indigenous Musicians Bring Diverse Cultures to Global Audiences
8 Women From Latin America’s Music History Who Don’t Get Enough Credit - Totó La Momposina is included among these under-celebrated greats.
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