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Indigenous Chefs Are Revisioning Cuisine And Reclaiming Culinary History

Across the Americas, Indigenous chefs are connecting food to culture and history, and re-imagining delicious for all of us.

Today's post barely scratches the surface of the dynamic world of Indigenous cuisine. Although I mention many chefs below, there are dozens more! Since most of the online information is about chefs working in the Americas, today's post focuses there, but Indigenous chefs are cooking things up from Taiwan to Africa.

Indigenous Cuisine: 4 Chefs On Its Importance & Sharing Comfort Food Recipes - Culture, history, and delicious meet at the table when these chefs prepare meals drawing on traditional recipes and ingredients.
Podcast Highlighting the Work of Indigenous Chefs in the Americas - Guests include Mixteco, Lenape, Lakota, Diné, Tewa, Ute, Purépecha, and Andean chefs, among many others.
There’s Goat Horn Chile on Everything at the Mapuche Native Argentinian Food Truck - Chef Carlos Leiva, who is part of the Mapuche in Patagonia, gets his merkén from three different tribes near the Andes and uses it as the flavor base for every single dish he serves.
What a Six Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like - In this 8-minute video, three Indigenous chefs come together to prepare a multi-course meal for a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Los Angeles.
Sioux Chef's Mission: Decolonize the Kitchen - Creating the only restaurant in the USA owned and operated by an Indigenous team and using all pre-colonial ingredients is just one of his projects! He explains more about what he's doing in this 26-minute video.
Andrea Murdoch: Four Directions Cuisine - Highlighting Andean Venezuelan Indigenous roots and culture through food. For more information about this chef, you may also enjoy this 9-minute video profile of the chef: This Chef Found Healing Through Indigenous Food.
Chef Karlos Baca: Founder of Taste of Native Cuisine - He's working to reconnect Indigenous peoples with their ancestral food knowledge.
Indigikitchen: Recipes and Cooking - Mariah Gladstone hosts an online cooking site dedicated to re-indigenizing our diets. Using foods native to the Americas, Indigikitchen offers recipes and cooking tips strengthening health and cultural ties.
First Nations Chef Shane Chartrand - A profile of one of Canada's leading chefs.
Indigenous Chef Cook Off - Watch five Indigenous chefs whip up a beautiful dish using only the ingredients in their home kitchens and foraged ingredients from their region.
Food Journey in the Brazilian Amazon with Chef Zena do Carmo - He's bringing Indigenous Amazonian cuisine to the world. In this 8-minute video he shows us a typical recipe from the Amazonian gastronomy as well as some unique cooking techniques.
Alter-NATIVE: Kitchen - A YouTube channel devoted to Indigenous cooking.
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