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Indigenous Storytellers Across The Globe

The storytellers of Indigenous Nations and Peoples are a vibrant and essential part of humanity's heritage and future. Here are some of the best from every continent.

The Hoop of Life: Kevin Locke - 35-minute video of this Lakota storyteller's amazing presentation at the International Storytelling Conference (2013). He also has a great personal website.
Tiddalik the Frog: Larry Brandy - In this 10-minute video, we meet a Wiradjuri storyteller and hear a tale from the Balandha, which we might know as Once Upon a Time. His personal website has more information.
The Elder (and the Winter): Kiku-san - This 12-minute video introduces us to the oldest, and one of the last, traditional Ainu storytellers. For centuries the original indigenous people of Japan have shared and affirmed their traditions through storytelling singers like her.
This Man Embodies A Thousand Years Of West African Oral History: Alhaji Papa Susso - An interview with a world-famous West African griot (storyteller), including a 5-minute video of one of his songs. You can learn more about him here.
Sámi Storyteller: Stina Fagertun - The Sámi are the original inhabitants across the north of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and European Russia, and, in this 25-minute video, Stina Fagertun tells two Sámi stories. There is also a YouTube playlist with more of her stories (mostly in Norwegian, some in English).
Quechua Storyteller: Julia Garcia - In this 28-minute video, watch the story of Quwiwan Atujwan, The Andean Fox and the Guinea Pig, unfold in this bilingual presentation. Learn more about her here.
Native Hawaiian Storyteller: Moses Goods - In this 20-minute video, one of Native Hawaii's most respected storytellers dramatically relates the heroic adventures of Kane'apua, the youngest brother of the Hawaiian gods Kane and Kanaloa. Find more information about him here.
Matu, The Manatee: Bobby Gonzalez - A renowned Taino storyteller relates a classic tale of the Caribbean in this 7-minute video. Learn more about this storyteller here.
Our Native Land: First Nations Storytelling - Several First Nations storytellers share some of their nation's stories in this 45-minute audio recording.
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