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Johnny Mathis: Legendary Voice Of Velvet & Ruler The Croon

The iconic king of the romantic ballad has been recording and packing concert halls for more than sixty years, and he's still going strong.

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The epic career of Johnny Mathis is too much to cover in today's post. So, let's enjoy a cuppa with the smooth silk of Mathis' early and mid-career years playing in the background.
Johnny Mathis - Profile at Black Kudos, including photographs across the decades.
Johnny Mathis - The official website of Johnny Mathis.

Woody Herman, Ella Fitzgerald, Del Courtney, Dave Brubeck & Johnny Mathis - Del Courtney Show (1955)

Wonderful, Wonderful (1957) - Live performance on the Julius LaRossa Show. Early in his breakout years.
Someone (1959) - Live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show from the beginning of his career.
Salute to Freedom, 1963 - On August 5, 1963, just weeks before the Sixteenth Street bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, Johnny Mathis was in town to sing at a special variety show. It was an unprecedented gathering for the city, presenting an integrated program of artists to an integrated audience, with all proceeds going to the efforts of the Civil Rights Movement.
Johnny Mathis with Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (1965) - A very rare recording of the complete concert of these two dynamite performers performing together at the Hollywood Bowl (audio only).
Concert in London (1978) - Full performance at Royal Albert Hall.
Concert in Chicago (1982) - Full live performance.

Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand recording together.

I Have A Love/One Hand, One Heart (1993) - Johnny Mathis with Barbra Streisand.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2004) - This duet with Ray Charles was apparently one of Ray Charles' favorite songs. At his request, this recording was played at Ray Charles' funeral, with Johnny Mathis in attendance.
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