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Mahalia Jackson: Queen Of Gospel & Voice Of Civil Rights

With a voice that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said "comes along once in a millennium," Mahalia Jackson became the soundtrack of the civil rights movement.

Mahalia Jackson Biography - Brief overview of her life and career.
Mahalia Jackson - A 90-minute documentary about her life.
How I Got Over - Mahalia Jackson singing live at the 1963 March on Washington.
"Tell Them About the Dream, Martin" - How Mahalia Jackson inspired Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.
Mahalia Jackson in Concert (Germany, 1961) - A 40-minute live performance.
Elijah Rock - A really rockin' version of the song at another concert during her 1960s tour of Europe. The audience has never seen anything like her.
Live at Newport Jazz Festival (1958) - In three songs, Mahalia Jackson shows a massive jazz audience how to be the world's greatest voice.
Amazing Grace - She's singing before a live audience, but she takes the whole place somewhere far beyond!
Down By The Riverside - Live on Nat King Cole's show.
Summertime - Elegant, graceful, heart- and soul-filled.
Steal Away - Live with Nat King Cole.
I've Done My Work - Although this is an audio-only recording, it seems such a fitting tribute to Mahalia Jackson.
Mahalia Jackson & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Church Service - The two appeared together many times, but this rare 3-minute video clip is one of the few times they appear together in film.
Interview with Studs Terkel (1963) - In this 4-minute clip from the interview, Mahalia Jackson discusses the state of the civil rights struggle in terms eerily familiar in 2020.
Interview (1971) - Less than a year before she died, Mahalia Jackson reflects on economic and social worries that still resonate. When she talks of the Depression, it's easy to hear COVID19, for example.
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