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Making Chokola Ayisyen: Haitian Hot Chocolate

This spicy, thick, and comforting drink is served for breakfast, and also enjoyed as a sweet reassurance during times of trouble.

Like many popular drinks, Chokola Ayisyen has a common set of ingredients and a variety of slightly varying modes of combining them. We offer four recipes for your exploration.
Haitian Chocolate: Chokola Ayisyen
Haitian Hot Chocolate (Chokola Ayisyen)
Chokola Ayisyen (Haitian Hot Chocolate)
Haitian Spiced Hot Chocolate with Coconut, Chokola Ayisyen
From Cocoa to Haitian Chocolate - Recipes for Haitian Hot Chocolate often favor unprocessed Haitian-produced chocolate (Chokola Peyi).
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