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Making Nanaimo Bars

Perhaps Canada's most legendary contribution to dessert and snacks! This creamy, chocolatey treat's origins are shrouded in mystery, and it comes in varied forms, but there's no mistaking its wonderful power to delight!

The Legendary Nanaimo Bar - information about Nanaimo Bars, including a recipe, from the famous dessert's namesake city: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
Information about Nanaimo Bars from the Canadian Encyclopedia, including another recipe.
The History of Nanaimo Bars: A Beloved Treat - another take on the Nanaimo Bar story, and another recipe, from the Canadian Cookbook.
Tracing the Obscure Trail of the Nanaimo Bar, Canada’s Favorite Confection - with a treat as beloved as the Nanaimo Bar, of course we need to hear more of the story!
A celebrity such as the Nanaimo Bar, naturally, has its own Wikipedia page.

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