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Malaysia! Spectacular. Intriguing. Epic Tea. Let's Go!

Today, we're going to tour around this amazing country and learn how to make Teh Tarik, the sweet and frothy beverage that's a favorite everywhere, from street food stalls to high end restaurants.

Each Daily Cuppa Go post is like a daily newspaper to enjoy with your favorite cuppa. There's a series of related stories on a theme, and just like a newspaper, you can browse as your time and interests lead you.

The Most Beautiful Places In Malaysia - An overview of a few of Malaysia's wonders. You can also take a 5-minute aerial tour of Malaysia's beauty spots here.
The 10 Best Museums in Malaysia - Influenced by the many cultures that are indigenous, or have passed through or settled down, this country’s museums present a wonderful display of the people, flora, and fauna unique to Southeast Asia.
42 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Malaysia - From caves to fireflies to the weird and extravagant, here's some things that aren't on most tourist itineraries!
5 Cities to See Unique Street Art in Malaysia - The country has a lot of wonderful street art. Here's some places that are less well-known.
Discover Kek Lapis Sarawak, a Beautiful Malaysian Dessert - These festive Malaysian cakes are centerpieces in themselves!
Orang Asali - Orang Asli is a collective term (which means original or first peoples in Malay) for some 18 ethnic groups who are widely regarded as comprising Malaysia’s original indigenous inhabitants (in the sense that they pre-date the arrival of Malays).
Batek: The Forest People - Anthropologist George Brill visited one of Malaysia's indigenous groups in 2018-2019. This is the story, photos, and film from his visit.
Making Teh Tarik - This iconic and popular Malaysia beverage combines strong black tea with sweetened condensed milk, then it’s poured from a height from one glass to another, with at least a meter between the glasses to make it creamy and frothy! Learn about this traditional drink and how to make it at home.
Teh Tarik Videos - Teh Tarik is more than a just popular drink. Preparing it is part showmanship, even to the point of becoming a sport. Check out these short videos to see what that's all about: Art of Teh Tarik - Teh Tarik Championship - Mr Teh Tarik.
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