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Marian Anderson: The Voice Of The Century

Many admirers of her beautiful voice struggle to describe what became known as the "Voice of the Century." Perhaps, her music was the song of the ages crying out. She had quietly and continuously broken barriers, dissolved hostilities, and stirred the conscience of an entire country. In many ways, her life and career signified the real meaning and struggles of a century.

Marian Anderson Speaks on Empathy, Attainment, and Race - You can't do better for an introduction to Marian Anderson, as a person, than this 17-minute audio recording of her speaking at a 1957 Books and Authors luncheon.
Marian Anderson - A 25-minute video overview of her life, made in 1950, composed mostly of priceless footage of her singing and a few scenes of her life.
Marian Anderson: Afrocentric Voices in "Classical" Music - This biography provides a broader exploration of her life and legacy as a Black musician.
Marian Anderson: "A Dream, A Life , A Legacy" - Biography at the National Marian Anderson Museum.
From Church Choir to Civil Rights: Marian Anderson’s Path of Hope - Information relating to the two portraits of Marian Anderson hanging in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.
Deep River (1924) - Marian Anderson's first recording.
Marian Anderson Performs on the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial (full concert, 1939) - The audio-only recording of this historic concert, from the US National Archives, includes the entire program, including introductory speech and announcer's intermission talk. All her singing is there, so hang on! In 1963, she also sang during the March on Washington (audio only).
Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson - This 5-minute video explores the collaboration of 1st Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson in bringing about the Lincoln Memorial concert. The video includes a brief clip from a newsreel of the time, providing a visual taste of the historic event, with 75,000 people in attendance.
Bell Telephone Radio Hour (1945) - Marian Anderson sings on one of the top radio programs of the time.
Didn't It Rain and He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (1962) - Marian Anderson performs for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower during a gala event.
Marian Anderson in Asia (1957) - 50-minute documentary of her Asian tour. The video includes a number of songs and also some rare footage of her speaking to students and others.
The Planting of the Marian Anderson Roses - In the photo above, Marian Anderson speaks at the ceremony honoring her at the Baháʼí House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, May 3, 1964. A rose garden was dedicated and named in her honor. "Miss Anderson is the living symbol...that all shall be recognized for their essential worth and dignity, for their capacity to create and to contribute what God has uniquely given them..."
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